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Individual Strength and Conditioning


C2Z Performance Coaching offers individualised Strength and Conditioning program using Train Heroic.  Strength, power and movement efficiency is optimised with a strong focus on proactive injury prevention. C2Z utilises market leading Strength & Conditioning approaches, providing a user friendly software platform in "TrainHeroic" - powering you to be your best.

Adding a sport specific functional conditioning program the perfect addition to your current training schedule. Key events and competition are taken into consideration to ensure you are at your best when it counts!

Elite Teams Strength and Conditioning


We can work directly with your elite sporting team.

The benefit of the program and software is that each athlete in the team will be provided with an app to access their individual program with all data including weight, compliance, wellness and health tracking recorded. What we advise is that this information is shared weekly with team management to identify opportunities and see the benefits. This flexibility allows athletes to complete sessions in their own time and can be individualized to suit training experience, level of fitness and equipment available. Sessions come with video and instructional support for athletes to make it easy to use and train anywhere anytime.

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